Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going and Boeing!

On Monday morning, I worked with Shannon on some of the details that are required here to ensure that the children's educational support for the current academic year in India goes well. At noon, Erin came to take me to her home. She had driven from the north eastern part of Washington state (300 kms) through the cold and snowy weather there, to take me to her home which is roughly about 45 kms from here. I traveled with her. On the way we spoke about her family and friends. On the way she showed me the Boeing Field which is used by the Boeing company to test its planes. The Boeing has two large production houses to produce its planes here. And Erin's father handles the Personnel Department.
There house is very beautiful and is on the Lake Tapps. We spent sometime padalling on a paddle boat and then had snacks when Steve, Scott and Andrea arrived. We had dinner together. Erin's brother Adam is an excellent Chef. He, in fact, works at an Italian restaurant. Assisted by his Mom he had prepared Salmans in fantastic taste: one with strawberrys and another with juicy garlic sauce. Spelendidly prepared barbeque and onion-corn cakes, aspharagus and what not! All mouth-watering items. We had excellent cuisine to go by. When dinner was over it was 8.30. And the sun was still shining after the windly and drizzling evening. Why not go for a boat ride? Oh! Since Erin's family also owns a speed boat, we all hopped into it... and in a couple of minutes.... yes, you guessed it right! I took the captain's chair with steering in hand, and my right arm on the throttle, the motor-boat speeded up, occasionally assisted by Erin's father. I drove five miles circling the entire Tapps Island. Waaw. The funniest part was this is the only time the Captain did not know to swim, and all the passengers did.

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