Thursday, July 3, 2008

Final Moments

The hours are coming to a close. I am getting ready to leave back home. On 11th June Shannon and I traveled to the Office of Senator Maria Campwell. The tall federal building at Seattle was strictly beyond the control of normal people and we had to prove our identities and reason before we went through the scanners. The Staff were very welcoming... although I was not so sure about their cooperation. But they guided us in such a way that we can proceed further on the issue of food support for the poor children here in India.

It was also my final evening in Seattle. Dinner was arranged at the family of Andrea. Her Mom, Dad and Brother along with Andrea had prepared some delicious dinner for us. It was so nice that Jeremiah and Devin joined us along with Scott, Erin, Steve, Sean and Shannon. We had a very long dinner and said farewell to one another. It was a moment of joy and pain at the same time. How much these people have done for me over the last ten days! Each of them went beyond their capacity to support me. Thank You Friends!

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