Saturday, July 12, 2008

UNICEF and Partners Visit Raiganj

Three Staff of Unicef led by Ms. Parnasri Ray Choudhury, (Emergency Officer at UNICEF Kolkata office), and 27 other partner staff of Unicef belonging to various organizations involved in Community Based Disaster Preparedness visited Raiganj for an exposure visit and a detailed planning session. On 23 June they arrived at Malda and then were taken to Harishchandrapur II Block for a field visit. Later, they were put up at our training centre from 23 evening till 25 evening. The discussions were in relation to understanding the concept of Disaster Preparedness, Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), preparing tools for PLA in the current context, strengthening Vulnerability & Capacity Analysis in a rural setting, besides other issues relating to the program of UNICEF. Social Welfare Institute, with support from UNICEF, DIP-ECHO and the Ministry of Civil Defense, Government of West Bengal works on Community Based Disaster Preparedness in 95 Gram Sansads covering about 140,000 population.

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