Friday, June 6, 2008

Changing Communities...

One thing I must say about the German society. In the three days I spent in Frankfurt, I began to think seriously about the changing values and priorities of the people here. Most families lived in isolation. The parents living away from children and children living away from parents, care of one another was limited to some financial support and occasional visits, (is that because in the name of social security the Government has taken too much responsibility on itself?). The second thing that struck me most was the growing impatience all over Germany against the illegitimate migrant community, mostly from Turkey and many other Eastern European communities and the break-away nations of the former U.S.S.R. Most genuine Germans feel that they are "paying a lot of taxes for people who do not contribute to the society". In the same vein many also feel that the laxity on borders due to the formation of E.U. has led to movement of criminals without restrictions across the borders. This has put pressure on the villages and towns situated on various national borders. The third important thing I could sense was that other than for very dedicated Christians, Christianity is undergoing severe crisis. It is in need of great help from other churches all over the world. It is time that Asian and American churches pay back to the European communities for what they have given us over the centuries. The young people have practically deserted religion and religious houses are more run like "offices" with less "human" touch.

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