Friday, June 6, 2008

Friends Forever--First Experiences

Once I completed immigration, customs and baggage collection, I was received by Erin and Andrea at the Airport. Andrea was the driver, driving us through the Highway into the city. Once we were in, we went to a restaurant that offered "breakfast throughout the day" and had some soup, cool drinks and snacks for lunch. Then we reached Seattle University where we met Sean Bray, my very old friend, and all three of them reached me to a Guest Room of the University which will be my base for the rest of my days in U.S.A. I took some rest and then in the evening Sean took me for dinner to a family where all the Staff who do Campus Ministry were to have dinner with a small gathering, as this is the last week of working in the University before they close for the summer vacation. In the group one boy impressed me--named Sean (again). He has done business, and has traveled quite a bit and is very much interested in micro-finance, wants to study that and is interested in promoting it. He was clear in his thoughts, specific with his opinions and with lots of potency for leadership. I was deeply impressed by him.

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