Monday, June 9, 2008

Some Serious Thoughts

It is Thursday, 5 June. In the morning after my prayers and breakfast I waited for Sean Bray, and we had the discussions on Assist a Child Project and the set up we will need in both ends. After that Sean took me to some shops to replace the coverter that Andrea had brought for me. It was so interesting to note that although we were in another shop, the shop owner freely replaced the old one with a new one, at no extra cost! I can not think of that in India. It was really a fair deal.
On return, we had simple lunch, and then Sean took me for a visit around the University Campus. It was very beautiful, extensive, with various facilities. The University Chapel was a beautiful one with simplicity and elegance spread all around. For the evening, a dinner had been planned with the parents of Sean and Shannon. We were at Augustine's on the Pacific Sea Coast, with a fantastic view of the downtown. My menu was chosen by Shannon. Shannon's parents are very active people, and her father is very sharp in thoughts, questioning the basics, and keeping the discussions alive. Her mother is a very affable woman. Sean's parents are little more aged. But I can never forget that Sean's mother was driving her car (81 years old), with a hip bone dislocation, with big metalic clips and belts inserted to keep her hip intact with her legs! What a power of self will these people have. Most of us would have just gone to bed, never to get up again!
The dinner was an wonderful opportunity to discuss about India and the children here. Shannon's mother offered to host a dinner on Sunday, so that we can have more discussions on that day. Sean and Shannon, dropped me at the Campion (the building where I stay within the University campus), and went to their homes.

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