Friday, June 6, 2008

Gathering Momentum

Scott, Erin, Andrea and Sean had carefully planned my visit, so that I am not too much occupied while at the same time ensuring that I am well taken care of with enough work and meetings to do. It was 4 June. I woke up too early (2.45 a.m) as I am yet to get adjusted to the time here. I spent my time lazily on the bed, and then I was ready by 6.00 a.m. I went for my prayers and breakfast. I spent some time in arranging some of my things and the gifts I had brought for all friends here. Erin came with her friend Pritta to take me for a sight seeing tour. We went through the sea-fronts, walked on the walk ways along the sea, saw the Sculpture park, had some Fish 'N Chips for lunch with sea gulls sitting next to us, visited the famous local City Market (which was almost like any other market in a town in India (with the difference being, little less noisy and cleaner), and also a visit to the Dominican Church. Pritta was an excellent driver with good knowledge of the roads and she smartly handled the trip. Thank you Erin ad Pritta! We reached back by 4.00 p.m. For the evening Scott and Andrea joined me and Sean. Oh, poor Scott! He left the key to his car inside and locked it from outside... in the excitement of coming to see me! Andrea was sharp enough (as usual) to call for Service and within 10 minutes we had a vehicle flashing with yellow lights on the parking lot, and they opened the door for him in no time. It was really fun to be together again. We went to an Italian restaurant for our dinner as we discussed our plans for the coming days. Andrea was so kind and sensitive enough to my needs. She brought a reverse converter (which would convert the 110 volt current into 220 volt electricity, and will enable me to use the different type of output plugs available here. We were quick with our dinner because we had a meeting scheduled with some members of "Calcutta Club" of the Seattle University at 8.00 p.m.
The meeting with the Calcutta Club which sends regularly volunteers from here to Calcutta went off very well, with the students showing lot of interest in working or learning the rural atmosphere of India, specially in West Bengal. Welcome Boys and Girls!

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