Monday, June 9, 2008

Paradise, God Has Created

On Friday morning, I could get back to my desk and reply lot of E-mails pending. And then Scott and Andrea came to take me for my weekend! We traveled through the town, and had some fantastic food at a restaurant, after which we proceeded for Bellingham, to be with Scott's parents for the weekend. On the way, we detoured through thick forests, and along the peaceful Pacific coast, viewing the mountaineous islands in wonder... it was just like the paradise. We reached the Newman's Centre within Western Washington University, and were greeted by some volunteers who have either been to India or, are planning to go there. We had some presentations and lively discussions as the youngsters kept asking so many things about India. Outcome of the meeting: two students from Western Washington University will be in Raiganj as volunteers in mid July. It was time now for dinner. They took me to a Mexican restaurant on the marine shore of the Pacific. The place was quite spacious and in a sense weird with ancient Mexican articles spread around. Most importantly, the restaurant was so popular that lots of people visit it. (We stood for full one hour just to be seated!) Andrea made choices for my dinner. With ice laced Margarita and some excellent cuisine, it was one of the best dinners. For the night, I stayed with Scott at his home with his parents.

The Saturday morning was once again rainy, and we still decided to take a walk through the Whatcom Park, with creeks and dense forests all surrounding us. Our trekking through the forest gave me a creeping sensation of walking through the Jurassic Park! When we returned home, we found a deer with her little twins wandering the backyard of Scott's home! They took me also to see the Marine Life Center, where various forms of underwater marine life is preserved and we walked through the platforms into the Pacific. Oh, I was so happy to touch the waters of great Pacific, that spreads to 1/4 of the entire surface on earth! After a delicious lunch prepared by Scott's parents, we returned from God's own Paradise to Seattle.
The evening concert of the mediaeval religious songs, all in Latin, by the Tudor Choir at the Church of the Blessed Sacrement was quite interesting, and relaxing. Oh yes, for the dinner- we had some Hamburgers in one of the restaurants that provides best burgers.

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