Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Preparing for a Long Journey!

As I prepare myself for my visit to the Western part of the world, this year it has been really a tougher times with several audits scheduled, projects just taking off, and more projects needed.... it has been a harrowing time for me. Every night I have been hitting the bed, dead-tired, feeling almost, there is no tomorrow! Do the right thing, do it today, do it now. The Community Care Center will have just started off when I return in the middle of June, it would be the beginning of monsoon, the local government body (panchayat) election results would have been announced, and some new staff would have joined, while a few would be in other positions.... still more the new Human Resource Policy of SWI will be in operation. With too many things in mind, I need to get across to things, as just a few more hours are left for me to leave for Kolkata.... the first stage of my journey--mere 400 kilometers that will consume 12 hours of journey! (That is little more than the time I will spend flying from Frankfurt to Seattle!)

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Social Welfare said...

Wish you all the Best for your Journey !