Saturday, May 17, 2008

Leaving Home

There are too many things that we take for granted.. and then we end with untold misery. The last time I visited Europe, I had the problem with electrical appliances I carried. This time I am better prepared. I am carrying a special switchboard made by electrician Mr. Mrityunjoy (we fondly call him Don). He did it really quick, so that I can have it on time before I leave Raiganj. I purchased a new pair of shoes in Kolkata as my old ones were worn out. Fr. Sarto, the regional forum director, and a friend of mine, (like an elder brother to me) came to the airport, dropped me and left. The formalities at the airport – check-in, emigration and security check—all went smooth. Once ready for departure, I called up my sister and wished her and her family. I made a final visit to the loo. Oh! It was as dirty as ever; no automatic water dispensers, no toilet papers, and was filled with stench. When I came out I saw several disarranged chairs lying in awkward positions. I arranged many of them in order. I began to wonder. There are tens of people working in the airport. Why no one bothers to arrange the chairs and discourage people from disarranging them? Why should the toilets be as bad as they are? Kolkata can not want to an international airport, if it cannot provide minimum standards. In Kolkata, there are lots of people opposing privatization of airports. For once, I wont mind privatization, if it brings better facility and cleanliness in all places. It is time to depart on the longest journey of my life and leave home!

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