Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Helping Hands

It was May 23, Friday morning : I got ready quickly and updated number of my blogs with pictures and had a quick breakfast. By then Evelyn was waiting to take us to her home. We took our luggages from the Suhm's and went to Evelyn's. She thoughtfully arranged some sandwiches--each according to our taste--and stuffed our bags with bananas, apples and some gifts, for the way! What a wonderful and thoughtful woman she is! I admire the way she manages to run her home, office and yet take time for us. Thank you Evelyn! Your husband Peter is really a gifted man!

Evelyn placed us in a train traveling to Koln where we were to take a French Train traveling to Paris, and get down at Aachen. The travel went perfectly well. We were received at Aachen by a feeble but strong woman, a sister, Claudia. I shall say more about Claudia later. She put us in a bus and she traveled in her bike (for Indians, bicycle), and caught up with us soon. And we walked a short distance to reach the convent of the Helferinnen Sisters, in Aachen!

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