Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celebrations in Geislingen

We traveled on Saturday 17 after a breakfast at Sonnenhof, to Geislingen. It is almost 300 km South of Frankfurt. We had Edith to drive. Edith is so wonderful because, she had the energy to drive the distance without any problem although she is 70 years old. We took about 2.30 minutes to cover the 300 kms. On arrival in the afternoon, we were greeted by Leonie and Bettina and her family. We had a grand celebration at the Gasthof in the evening to celebrate Edith's birthday. It was 11.00 p.m. when we left the hotel. I and Fr. Susai were put up at the apartment of Matthias. We had no time to relax and so went to bed immediately. (Photos below : with little Lukas and in the house of Mrs. Rose)

The Sunday was more relaxed as we had not much things to do. We went for the mass at 8.30 and then we proceeded to Rose's home. The last time I visited Germany Rose was away. I began to admire at the strength of this aged woman who lives alone, and has no children and husband. She owns a large van in which she spends most of her days on the banks of Lake Konstans. She had come this time just to meet me. When I looked around the house, you begin to wonder if it is really a house or a museum. She has cups, plates, wooden art, tables, chairs, carpets .... all being preserved for over 100 to 150 years! And in the house you are left with no space as the tables, windows, doors and every step is decorated with pictures, art and every fine thing you can find. Even some of the wine in her home was more than 100 years old! We had a brunch that day... which meant, we began our breakfast at 10.00 a.m. and it went on till 5.00 p.m. with lots of fun, jokes and laughter. Then we moved to Leonie's home as Evelyn and Peter, with their son Julian were to return to Gengenbach. I and Fr. Susai sent some of our luggages with them. With a piece of pizza for the night, we went to bed early.

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