Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Power of a Man and a Woman !

What can a man and a woman can do together? They can make the best and the worst. We have a case for making the best of life in the form of Karl and Gabi Suhm. We spent the night of the Monday, 19 May at the home of the Suhms. They are very affectionate people and generous with their resources. I had stayed in their home the last time too. The family of Evelyn, Matthias and Johannes had joined us for dinner. And I had good rest till 7.30 a.m. till Tuesday, as I could feel that my body is beginning to relax from the toils of Raiganj.
I must come back to the Suhms. They are also very hard working people. Karl and Gabi have built a personal museum of minerals collected from all over the world... must be costing a few millions of Euros. You name a country, Karl shows you immediately the minierals found in that country and shows you pieces of them. They also have a passion for garden as they work together to keep their garden as one of the best in the area, with lots of stone works, variety of small cactus, and plants from many other parts of the world. They have a showroom from which they sell some of their collections. Well, do not think that they have done it in a day. It has taken them 55 years of patient endurance and perseverence to reach to this level. Congrats Gabi and Karl ! We admire you for the wonderful work you do to preserve the minerals of the world.

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