Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ham and Burger do not Make Hamburg!

We really would have met with some problems as the connecting train that we were to take at Dortmund (as we traveled from Aachen to Hamburg) had left on time. Due to some major repair works on the platform, our train had been shifted to another platform, and the number of that platform had been changed! Well, with just 10 mts gap, it was really some sort of a mess to plough through the crowds in Dortmund, with so much of luggages. Well, we got in just a few seconds before the Inter City Express departed. Sr. Claudia had given us our lunch, well packed. We had that and relaxed a while. At Hamburg when we reached at 16.12, we were recieved by Mr. and Mrs. Smitka, friends of Fr. Susai. We were taken to the Catholic Academy in Hamburg, which also has excellent rooms for guests (known as Michaelis Hof) for our stay. We will be spending the next three nights here. The Smitkas took us for dinner to a nearby hotel (I asked for some tuna preparation... but it was not so good) and they prepared a good agenda for our next two days, which involved a lot of sight seeing. We went early to bed as the Smitkas departed for their residence.

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