Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tracking Migrant Laborers

There are many organizations today tracking the flow of migrant laborers in various parts of the world. Some of them promote such migrants and trafficking, while others dissuade or stop such migrant labor. Some study them for scientific reasons, while others do it for reasons like ours. Catholic Relief Services supported Social Welfare Institute with small amount of funds for a period of six months (June - Dec 2006) to support an Extensive Awareness Building on HIV/AIDS in 65 Panchayats of the three districts of North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur and Malda in West Bengal. We called it the "One Rupee Project" as it covered about 0.5 million population with that much of Rupees.

Our Project Coordinator, Ms. Manasi Garain, had some better idea. She used the same funds and the Staff to prepare also a small database of all the migrant laborers from these 65 Panchayats. The reason was simple. These migrant laborers were some of the most vulnerable people to carry the Virus and bring it to the districts. So, a house wise survey was done, covering every family, the name and address of the place where the person is presently residing, age, other details were gathered. We are giving you just a Summary of this Survey (Downloadable xls) from 59 Panchayats, to show you the enormity of the problem. SWI would be interested in working with the families of Migrant Laborers as our Special Target Group. You too can be part of this venture. Why not support it further?

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