Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rights of father"less" Children

Martin Luther King (Jr) had once said: "We must be good samaritans to people who have been wounded, bruised, robbed and left to die in our path of life. But we must also ensure in the long run that the road from Jerusalem to Jericho is not infested with robbers so that no one is robbed, bruised, exploited and left to die!" Dear all, though Social Welfare Institute has been working for a long time for the welfare of children, it would like to take up one small and yet remarkable issue, which you can follow as well. We shall help the children whose father has left them, (the situation which we all know is common where the man leaves and lives with some other woman or not) by helping them file a petition with the District Judge and the District Magistrate, to claim compensatory educational, food and other support assistance from all those fathers who have left them at the mercy of the poor mothers. A regular effort on our part shall help these children regain their rights from their own parents. Until then, let us keep supporting the children in our schools and hostels.

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