Friday, March 23, 2007

Polio Eradication Reports

SWI has been working with UNICEF on Polio Eradication and improvement of immunization of children in various places within the districts of North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur and Malda. UNICEF has been supporting this program since 2004 in sixty one Gram Panchayats spread into these districts. Mr. Jude Henriques, the Program Communication Officer of UNICEF, Kolkata has been the brain behind this effort to eliminate Polio and reduce vulnerability of children. We are glad that since 2004, we have not had a single case of Polio affected child in the three districts. In this noble effort, World Vision and Catholic Relief Services have joined and they are supporting SWI jointly in12 Gram Panchayat areas. Reports of the data of immunization are available in the following links: Polio Report UNICEF-SWI Feb 07, Polio Report WV-SWI Jan 07, and Polio Report WVCRS-SWI Feb 07

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