Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mapping the Early Warning Systems

The Tide and Wind Information System that we started for the benefit of people in the coastal West Bengal (mainly the Sunderbans) is now nearly nine months old. It is also time to map where we are working and to share it with everyone. As a matter of fact there is a lot more to be done, specially in terms of area outreach. The investment on each location costs about 14,000 rupees (280 US $). To manage the costs, we are looking for partner organizations and individuals who can support us in this venture. In G-Plot, where our researches are being held in setting this system, a local organization (IDASS) is supporting us for the location and volunteers for updating the message, and CKS is funding the costs. In Brajabhallavpur all locations are being sponsored by Concern Worldwide and their partners Sabuj Sangha and ECHO. The time is short as the next monsoon season is just about 50 days from now. And we must reach to at least 50 villages by then....if God willing. Below is the map of the places where already TWIS system is set up. Viewers can click on the dots and know more details about the location.

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