Thursday, April 12, 2012


This is not about the famous European soccer team. This is about a student from Seattle University who stayed with me three years ago. Chelsea was the first student to come to me "officially" as an intern. She was amazingly simple, and shared the joys and sufferings I went through in those days in 2009. She was someone to whom I could open my heart and confide. She could see through human heart and understand the underlying pain every person undergoes. Amazingly simple. She left an indelible mark in my life. Though I never wrote much about her in any of my posts, she kept coming back to my mind repeatedly, and so I thought I must write about her. 

Chelsea, for the rosy cheeks she had, was adorably honest with what she said. During her three months of stay, she would come straight and say if she would like to have something or would say how she can contribute to improve something. Gentle to the core, her words were never hurtful. I wish I had more time to spend with this extraordinary woman, who would only go up in life. (Update: Chelsea is now in South America as a Peace Corps volunteer.)

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