Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My friend Sean has lost both his mother and father in about 15 days in December. It is really sad. I am sad too. Sean has been such a good friend since I met him first in 2004. No doubt about that. He has traveled twice to meet me and to be with me -- each time for couple of days. And I traveled to Seattle almost four years ago to be with him for nearly 10 days. And he has been such a wonderful friend that he brings blessings through his thoughts and words. The biggest blessing he has is his wife Shannon who has been his ever supportive shoulder to whatever burden comes in his life. 

When in Seattle, I met Sean's Mom and Dad. Sean's Mom and Shannon's father would tease each other so much that it used to be such a wonderful thing to watch both making fun of one another. I had lots of fun as we dined along the Pacific in one of the picturesque restaurant. His Mom died of old age and other complications, and his father suffered a kind of cancer and other complications relating to old age.  

This is for you Sean! All our prayers, blessings and well wishes go to you! May God bless you, and give you peace of mind and heart, fill you with ever abiding Joy, and give you more friends to love, love unconditionally.

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Sean Bray said...


Thank you for these kind words about my father and mother. I was very touched by your blog entry. My parents enjoyed meeting with you and going out to dinner when you were in Seattle.

Your friendship, dedication to your work and hospitality inspire me.

Your friend,