Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Little Sweet Companions

Erika and Edward have suited themselves very well into the CKS family. I was a little apprehensive initially because Ed had to use the eastern style of toilet, and has a room that is also partly our office along with another room that is being used as office as well. The food is certainly not American. But they have taken it all in a stride. They have learnt to relax themselves, as the food is mostly late by any American standards! And what is more beautiful about these two is their availability with their ideas and talents. Ed has come out with ideas for building a web based platform for a particular concept that I shared with him. And so he is busy with building that. He is also designing the display board for CKS, while continue to spend some time each day on his project for setting up  a  tele-medicine system in which patients can speak to the doctors via video.  Erika is always helpful with any odd jobs I give her along with her project work. I am really thankful to them for their wonderful support without which it would have been really hard to move on....

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