Saturday, December 31, 2011

WANTED: Doctors for Rural Outreach from Your Desktop

CKS is planning to start a rural outreach program using electronic media for medical consultancy in 12 villages initially. The plan is to reach out to the under-served communities of 12 very poor rural areas by bringing doctors closer to them using modern technology and on-line connectivity. Importantly the doctors need not move from their desktops, and they can do this service on a voluntary basis, without any remuneration, by sitting in front of their internet connected computers. All that we require from the doctors is a weekly two hours of committed time for a poor village, and CKS will take care of bringing the patients "on-line" for the doctors. Minor ailments can be consulted upon and answered by the doctor, and the major sicknesses will be referred to for further medical observation or visit to a physician.

Any doctor interested in and willing to support this initiative may write to us at We would be happy to get in touch with you and explain to you the process. Once again, note that all that is required of a doctor is just two hours from the doctor's heavy schedule once in a week. That's all that can make a difference


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