Monday, October 26, 2009

Pokers and Movers

In the so called developed world we have Packers and Movers who pack your things and get you move to newer destinations. I found a new genre of people -- Pokers and Movers! I am speaking of two new friends I have from the Netherlands. These people whom I met in Kolkata couple of weeks ago were "extreme" travelers for any Indian standards. Being women did not stop them from moving to unknown destinations. Most of the times when they took guides, I found that they were guiding the guides! And one of them is also an acupuncture therapist. She volunteered to help me with some poking... The first day wasn't painful, but the second day was. And she attributed it to the activated vessels in my body. But for a third round.... thank God, we ran short of needles, and so I escaped with just two rounds.

As for the results, I can still feel it. I feel extremely tired, and my body is aching for some rest and sleep. Who ever thought, just 10 needles pierced all over your body, sometimes screwed as if my body was some sort of a nut, and then pulled out and pierced in another part of the body, could actually make a person feel so tired?

These women never seemed to be settled in a place. Throughout the day, they moved around, and only for a dinner and to discuss about their adventures they would drop in the evenings. If you ever visit Netherlands, (beware!), they might be waiting to poke you... Ha...ha..ha...

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