Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crowd and Stress

The other day a friend told about a research by some scientists on if crowding leads to increase in stress and violence. According to the research, twenty five rodents were used for the research. In one box twenty rodents were left together, and in another of the same size and type five of them were left. They were fed regularly. Over a month, it was noticed that the rodents in the crowded box were becoming more and more violent, irritated, and on test it was found that they had higher adrenalin than the rodents who had more space to move about.

India is becoming one big crowd. The governments are busy working on controlling the masses... the naxalites, Maoists, terrorists, murderers, rapists... the list seem to have no end. Over the three months I have been in Kolkata I too begin to understand what it means. I have done more work than what I do here. My working hours have normally ranged between 14 - 18 hours a day. But I had never felt stressed and irritated. But, here in this big city of Kolkata, I feel the pinch. You develop a sense of rejection. After all, this is a world of too many choices. And you need to reject all others to make one choice. This is a crowded world, where everyone tries to push and pull, to make their own way. It is within this you need to find your way. No wonder, it adds on stress. It lets your adrenalin work harder. This world kills... along with all the pollution that is home to Kolkata.

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