Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Herscheid Experience

Sebastian and Julia brought me to the house of Sebastian. His parents had gone on holidays to Spain. We had a brief walk around the place, and then went for a dinner to the grandparents of Sebastian. The gentleman and lady were very welcoming and they knew little English. That made me quite at home. They were very much interested in my work, in knowing more about me and the people, about my life etc. Something seemed to have touched them much. They gave me a small gift to take back as well. I just can not forget the generosity of people like them. I sent them through Sebastian the next day, a small gift that I had carried with me.

On the third of Sept. we spent our time in the morning planning our travels, booking place in Madrid for our stay, and designing the presentation for the evening. After a simple lunch, I and Julia left for the home of Aline, (pronounced as Aleena) an aunt of Sebastian, where the dinner had been planned for some neighbours and us. We walked a long way through a small hill that is used to cultivate grass for the cows. A beautiful landscape with pines surrounding it. That was an excellent view of Herscheid. Sebastian came and joined us after doing some marketing. Aline and Julia were the chief cooks. They were really smart in preparing Indian dinner with a German touch. I, Sebastian and a Son of Aline helped them. Soon, we had prepared, Tikka, Kofta, fried rice, sambhaar, coconut chutney, Naan, mango salad, and many others, including our own Samosa! The guests came in from 7.00 p.m. onwards. Very friendly people. The dinner and discussions went on till 11.00 p.m. By the time we helped Aline to put back the dishes and we returned, it was almost mid-night, and we rushed to catch with some sleep.

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