Sunday, September 9, 2007

Don't Think of Roam!

I had got roaming facility for my Cellone telephone. The officers at Raiganj had told me that they have activated it. But it just would not work. I tried several times in the past days. No way. I even put my SIM (Subscriber Identification Modue) in other people's mobile phones. No. It just would not take it. As soon as I return back to Raiganj, I must ask them for a list of countries in which Cellone has a Network, and which is the provider who gives them the service. This is essential because I had clearly told them that I am going to Madrid in Spain and Germany. If you are planning for a visit to other countries, and if you are planning to carry your cellphone, ask your provider to give you the list of the countries in which they have a contract with a local network provider, and get the company's name. Otherwise, you will have the same experience. You can see all the providers' names in your Network search, but all of them will tell that you are FORBIDDEN to use their network.

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