Friday, May 14, 2010

Action in Inaction, Inaction in Action

How do you remain untouched by the stress of the world? Someone who has come from England was discussing with me the other day. She is stressed, bored and at times, not finding joy in life. It is all a lot of action, and activities. I was reminded of a sloka I read in Bhagawad Gita years ago. Chapter 4, verse 18 speaks of how a person who achieves inaction in action, and action in inaction is intelligent among all beings, and is transcendentally situated among all as perfect performer of all actions. My translation may not be the best. But it means the same. It is important to learn to find the inactive part of one self when in action, and to be in action, even when one is seen to be inactive. This sort of maintaining one's self balances the self, internally and externally. Balance of action is perfect always! As Plato would call it, take the middle path.

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