Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Pilot and the Surgeon

Weekend went off with Robert and Dan, friends of Jeff, a student who is interning with me from the Seattle University. Both Rob and Dan are friendly, out-going, serious in approach, and persons of strong character. Rob is a surgeon in Washington State, and was on a tour to India to see some of the medical practices here and to give a few lectures. My search for him in the internet showed that he is pretty famous in WA. Dan is his son, pilot by profession. As we traveled together through the length and breadth of West Bengal, I could get a lot of thing cleared on planes and how planes work. I never knew they had to work their hands and legs to turn a plane! Ha...ha...ha... We also had some good meals in the three days. A bit of site seeing, lot of talks and visits to some of the poorest villages that still need to see light of development.

Thank yo Rob and Dan for the wonderful memories you have left behind! God Bless!

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Ryan M.D. said...

thats REALLY AWESOME Father Puthumai! I am still in New Orleans helping Hurricane victims. The older gentleman has been o the waiting list since Katrina.

Catholic Charities is a small Organization compared to many and we are finally able to help this man out. He's so positive and humble its heart melting. hope all is well!