Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Capital City

A sudden travel plan took me to Delhi and back in a day! The National Disaster Management Authority has formed a Core Committee to prepare a Guidelines on the Role of Non-Governmental Humanitarian organizations in Emergency Preparedness and Response. I am asked to be part of it. It was nice to be in Delhi, though just for a day, because I could catch up in the meeting with some of the seniors in disaster risk reduction and response programs. It was also a good opportunity to see how Delhi is developing under the leadership of that great old lady, Sheila Dixit.

I admire her for her political will, for her commitment to task, and her “say-no, hear-no” attitude towards her detractors, and setting her goals always high. In contrast to the elected government that we have in West Bengal, the problems in Delhi are a lot more complex, and difficult to control, because of the huge floating population it has. But, if we count in terms of performance, West Bengal is lagging behind. Our goals are short. Our dreams are just vanity. Our political will is anything but corrupt or inept. And our commitment to tasks is in returning hundreds of millions of rupees unutilized year after year. One good thing about this however is, it has clearly safeguarded the state from communal elements. Long live Bengal !

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