Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leave the dead to bury the dead

One of the Indian news dailies, the Telegraph, in its Kolkata edition has come out with a news item on the catholic church permitting "simple burial" to those who have committed suicide, but "not of scandalous nature".

"Till now, the bodies of those who committed suicide were only allowed up to the main gate of a church for prayers before being taken to the cemetery, where they would be buried in an obscure corner without any religious rite. No priest would accompany the mourners. Now the Church has decided to give those who die by suicide a “simple burial”. It means their bodies can be brought inside church premises and a priest can bless the grave, though there would be no homily or holy mass." - said the newspaper. I am not sure what would Jesus do if he were the priest! By the way, will someone explain to me what is a scandalous suicide? The obscurity remains. Quoting church sources the newspaper says that the change in Church's stand is in response to allegations of insensitivity in cases involving people who commit suicide out of agony

I believe, the stand of the catholic church in this case is preposterous. However, after all, we must leave the dead to bury the dead, and move on!

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