Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trainings in Sphere Standards

Under one of its new activities of the year, Sphere India has undergone an agreement with Concern Worldwide and Save the Children. The purpose of this understanding is to conduct 4 trainings on “Sphere Minimum Standards and Humanitarian Laws” in each state (West Bengal, Assam, Orissa & Bihar).Each training would be a 4 days residential training. The intended participantsof these trainings are government functionaries, non-government professionalsand humanitarian practitioners in the state that are involved in disaster response and other phases of DRR. The expected number of participants in these trainings is 25.

Sphere India proposesto transfer the complete training budget to West Bengal State IAG. The West Bengal State IAG shall plan the training as per the convenience and suggestions of West Bengal IAG members.


Initial discussions in the state IAG will take place for planning the trainings, taking into consideration the following points :

  • * Finalize training dates (4 days in March or April 2009) in consultation with the IAG members
  • * Identify and book venue (please suggest venue details to Sphere India, New Delhi to get it booked in advance to avoid last hour problems)
  • * Ensure participation from relevant Govt. depts.
  • * Initiate participants registration (A quality profile of participants would be appreciated. We also encourage women participation.)
  • * Discuss and finalize training schedule and contextualized training materials
  • * Any other important thing that the IAG may feel necessary at this time...
  • WATCH OUT THIS SPACE FOR MORE INFORMATION.... You may download the tentative Training Schedule by clicking here.

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