Saturday, March 8, 2008

How Many Days Make A Week?

If you thought the answer is seven, well, think again... not all are sure! I was at our training centre today and personally chatting with the tribal girls who have come for a training program. That is when I met Sujala and Lily two girls in their teens (Lily is the elder among the two) from two different families from Goalpukhor II Block of North Dinajpur District. Since both their families had migrated to India from Bangladesh, and I had been told that they were recent arrivals, I asked them how long are they in India. Sujala being the smarter one, spoke most of the time. She said, it was quite some time back, and that they have land here. "How many months ago?" I asked, and she answered, "I do not know". "Well, how many years back?", I retorted, and she replied, " I do not know." Lily also nodded her head in approval. "How big were you when you came to India?" "We were big." The dialogue continued in the following manner :

Puthumai : "Do you know what day is today?"
The Girls : "Hmmmm... Friday...? No. Saturday"
Puthumai : "That's good. You are right. Do you know how many days make a week?"
The Girls : "No".
Puthumai : "How many days in a month?"
The Girls : "We don't know".
Puthumai : "Do you know if this is a day time or night time". (It was morning 8.00 a.m.)
The Girls : "It is morning".
Puthumai : "Excellent!".

Then I went on explaining to them how many months are there in an year, how many days make a week, and how our calendar is made of, and other things. This is just to give you the taste of the type of persons we are working with. Your support to the education of Lily, Sujala or many other such girls will make a lasting change in the life of the poor. You can make a difference. Make it now.

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