Wednesday, March 5, 2008

About Brick-bats!

The brick industry is a back-breaking industry. You can say this safely because, the men and women need to sit or bed to handle the mud, to knead it, shape it and then after drying carry it to the furnace. And all that you get are brick-bats : in the form of abuses, slangs, slurs, poor payment and layoffs as soon as the first rain falls (because, the bricks, before they are taken into the furnace, need to be kept under the sun for drying). Click on the pictures to download large images.

Bricks ready to go into the furnace

Our camera looks into the furnace 10 ft deep

People at the Brick-fields (At the background of the picture with the young girl helping her mother is a temporary house in which people live in crowds, exposing them to various dangers, and the dust from the brick-field affecting their lungs)

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