Friday, August 24, 2007

Sanitation for Agumpur Girl Children

Agumpur is 65 kilometers south of Raiganj, in Gazole Block of Malda district. The St. Anne's Children's hostel had 115 primary school girl children with just only one toilet. And the children were having hard time for bath and other natural needs. Ultimately, we approached Manos Unidas who sanctioned 4545 Euros for the purpose without much delay. Now, the children have five toilets, urinals, a tank to hold water for their bath, and a submersible pump that faithfully provides water to the needs of the children and other inmates. The Completion Report is made available here for everyone's view. We thank Manos Unidas and all their donors for their generous help. May the laughter of these children continue to motivate you and may the Almighty and Ever loving God shower His Blessings upon all the donors.

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