Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let us Bank !

I am preparing to leave for Germany and Spain on 30 Aug. I had some pleasant experience as well in the process of preparing for my departure. My travel agent had helped me get some 200 Euro before I got my Visa, so that it got recorded in my Passport. But that may not be sufficient. I did not want to burden anyone when I reach Europe. So, I thought of carrying some more money. But how do I do it. Many suggested that I carry a Traveler's Cheque. Some told me to take hard cash. Can I use my Debit Card? Some said, "That is Better". I was told by some to get a "Traveling Card". I approached the Branch Manager of ICICI Bank Branch at Karnajora. Mr. Jonathan Noor was more than willing to help with with every bit of details. Although it is a rural branch, he coordinated with another Branch authorized to issue the Card, and took care to get all my papers done in a single day, and still more helped me to understand the entire concept of using the Traveling Card, its benefits, and how safe is my money. Waaw! I found the experience great! Thank you ICICI for selecting such good people. I really enjoyed the experience of Banking! We can bank on the banker at Karnajora!

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