Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Most Memorable News at the Year-End

There has been so much being talked about at the end of the year.... The economic meltdown, the attack on Mumbai, the election of a Black-American as the President of United States, the attempts being made towards containing Global Warming, etc. Among all the melee of events and the shows that the T.V. screens and the other media will spurn out, the most touching, most sublime events of human heart will be lost in the wilderness of this noisy world. However, it is nice to end this year with an incident from this year that touched me the most :

On 23 Sept 2008, a most touching event took place place in a far off corner of Tamilnadu, a southern State of India. Hithendran, 16, had been declared "brain dead" by the doctors days before, after the young boy had met with a road accident. His parents Mr. Ashokan and Mrs. Pushpanjali, doctors by profession, decided to do something more humane and profound with their son who was now living a vegetative life. They heard of a little girl in Chennai whose heart had been seriously damaged and the doctors had put the girl on artificial systems of survival. The parents of Hithendran thought of the unthinkable. They asked the doctors to donate their son's heart to that little girl so that the girl can live with the heart of their son! With a massive operation done by an expert team of doctors, today, the girl is still alive, to celebrate the first day of 2009, and the boy had been laid to rest eternally, with a heart that continues to tick in another person's body.  

Humanity does not live on great economies, nor on soil acquired by war and violence, nor by threat and evil.... but by the Hearts that Love beyond all telling!



dr.ashokan said...

Sir, I am Hithendran's father dr.ashokan, Thankyou for the comforting words written in puthumai about us, our names have been wrongly mentioned as mr and mrs nandakumar, our names are ashokan and pushpanjali. Thankyou with regards dr.ashokan and dr.pushpanjlai

Anonymous said...
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Puthumai said...

Dear Dr. Ashokan,

Thank you very much for your comments. I regret the inadvertent error that was due to my source of information. I congratulate both of you for the courage and generosity. You have done that normally no one would do! It is a great example to everyone. May God Bless You ! I live near Kolkata although I am from TN, and I regularly visit my sister who lives at Madurai. Thanks once again.

- Puthumai

Anonymous said...

sir, I am dr.ashokan, We Thank you for the corrections you have made.Greetings and best wishes from Tirukalukundram. dr.ashokan and dr.pushpanjali ashokan.