Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Journeys

On 7th we traveled from Munsiyari to Pithoragarh. On way we were informed that due to bad weather helicopters won't be flying, and so we will have to come by road. Noting that the roads are in extremely bad conditions and we were really up in the mountains, we knew that we would be having some real long travel. Bharati, one of our colleagues wasn't feeling well. We gave an avomin so that she would not vomit on the way, and we reached Pithoragarh at about 1.00 pm. We had lunch and we traveled again, crossed Almorah, and traveled further West, and at last stayed in a little town on the way as it was already 9.30 pm, and it wouldn't be safe for us after that. Our driver, Mr. Neeraj had been driving since morning 7.00 am from Munsiyari. On 8th morning at 7.00 am, as it continued to rain we left for Dehradun and reached at 4.30 pm. This was really a very long drive. 

On 9th & 10th, we continued with preparations of our reports, and on 11th I traveled back to Delhi, and then to Kolkata. My friend Tanaji was kind enough to allow me to use a car to reach home at night itself. I had three students from Seattle with whom I had planned to have dinner. So, on arrival in Kolkata I traveled to Tung Fung and had a good dinner. Then proceeded by car to Bolpur.

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