Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Arrival Terminal

Megan at breakfast table
Kaytlyn having breakfast
Xenia enjoying breakfast
On 6 Jan, Ms. Xenia, a friend whom I had met in September 2007 over a flight from Frankfurt to Dubai, and then later on got connected through Facebook. She is now a business woman and has come to India and wants to explore few other countries so that she can have more taste of the Asian continent. Megan and Kaytlyn are from Seattle University. They would be staying with me for ten weeks. One of them want to know more about disaster management plans and wants to help in improving upon one of the plans. The other wants to help in providing some ideas for rural economy as she spends the day analyzing more options for rural products in the global market. Interesting concepts ! Welcome ladies.....

By the way, Megan's luggage was lost by Singapore Airlines, and it was delayed by 24 hours, and she got it nearly after 48 hours. She was given 2500 rupees by the airlines in damages and the train fare for going again  to airport to collect the baggage.

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