Sunday, May 20, 2012

Driven by Google Drive

Many of us do not use a special facility that Google has endowed us with, although we might be using Google for mailing or search purposes. Google has a facility for an online storage, called Google Drive. Google gives you 5 GB as a free gift to start with, and then, as the number of documents increase in your system, it is expected to grow to 25 GB, absolutely free! I tried this recently, and Voila ! It is amazing. I downloaded the Google Drive installer, and have them installed on 2 laptops and one desktop PC. It created a Google Drive shortcut icon on all the computers. And now, I can open any of them, and have all my files as they are! You can access all files as updated as they are without any problem. The files get synchronized whenever you any edit any of them. You can work on the files as if you are working on a normal computer, and let the files get automatically synchronized when you are online. Perfect tool for people who travel a lot, and might at times not have access to their own computers. This is also a very good tool for networking on same documents. You must try it to believe it.

Note: In case you see that the Google Drive is not activated for your account, that is because you do not have any documents saved into Google. The easiest way to get the Google Drive facility is save some of your documents under "Documents" from your Google account. It might take a few days after that for Google to activate your Google Drive.

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