Thursday, March 15, 2012

Web Based Emergency Needs Assessment

I had been planning to write earlier than this....but too many travels and field visits kept me under wraps. Meanwhile, we have started test running a Web Based Emergency Needs Assessment (ENA) format that can help organizations to file their reports within 72 hours after a disaster strikes. The format is simple and is made user friendly for organizations to fill in the formats in quickest time. All filled in formats can be viewed by any user, but can only be edited or new forms can be uploaded only by authorized users. The idea is to allow only genuine non-profit organizations to participate in this. So, any organization within India (international, national and community based non-profits) can freely register and use this service.

We plan to upgrade the service over a period of time and seeing the utility, suggestions and feedback. All are welcome to visit:  For testing you may use the username : approved and for password: redchair123

We will be happy to receive feedback from each and everyone of you. Our thanks goes to Mr. Edward U, a student of Seattle University, who volunteered to prepare the site for the benefit of Indian people.

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