Monday, November 28, 2011

Diapers and New Age Children

The other day I was talking to a senior lady. She is only educated up to the primary level, and was married off in her teens, and had three children, all of them settled now in life. I saw this lady forbidding her younger daughter when she was tying the diaper for her son. I asked the lady why is she stopping her. She had this logic: These days there are so many children who get quickly discouraged and take to extremes. We hear of young students committing suicide. (West Bengal has highest student suicide rate in the country.) We also hear of young children taking up arms against their own friends for frivolous things. This is because these children have not learned "control" when they were young. What do diapers do? The diapers teach children that they need not control! And as young kids, even before they learn to speak properly, they know that they need not control their own basic instincts: instinct to excrete and urinate. The parents are not concerned about when the child urinates or excretes. So, the child need not be concerned about it either. This gets into the child as part of its basic trait: uncontrolled behavior following uncontrolled body and emotions. Naturally, you end up with children who cannot control anger, failures, success, and disappointment. 

Well, it makes sense, when it comes from very senior citizens. Someone said, the problem is children get fixated at the anal stage, as Freud would put it. It is right what that woman is saying. Time to reflect folks! Get rid of diapers!

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