Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Team Anna Exposed

Mr. Anna Hazare and his team of great servants of the country who have vowed to clean the country of corruption have been thoroughly exposed! They have recently gone to Hissar in Haryana state of India to tell people not to vote for Congress. Nothing wrong with that if their intention of cleaning the country matches with action. The only person in the fray with no criminal records against him is certain Mr. Jai Prakash of Congress! And his nearest rivals of Haryana Janhit, Indian National Lok Dal and the sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly--all these three have several criminal cases pending against them, according to their own affidavits filed along with their nomination. What an irony! It is a SHAME that Team Anna wants to support cleaning the country of corruption and criminality in politics, and yet thrill the politicians with criminal background through their indirect support. By asking to vote against Mr. Jai Prakash they are asking people to vote for criminals! People must see their true colors. Someone said it on TV, this team Anna smells saffron. Or, to tell it bluntly, they are full of hypocrisy.

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