Friday, September 23, 2011

Waning Paradise - Melting Glaciers

Between 9 - 14 Sept I got an opportunity to be in Kashmir. First time in the so called "paradise on earth". The trip was highly eventful, about which I shall write in the next post. We had a good driver who took us around to some of the best places. But everyone had one thing to complain about: lack of rainfall and high amount of heat even in September, when it should have been cooler. The only place where we could see a bit of ice was in Sonemarg. But the weather was terribly hot, and the ice was in small patches on the glaciers. Thinking of climate change issues? I was talking to the horsemen who rent their horses at abnormally high price even for an hour's ride. The men said that even the horses are finding it difficult to walk in the heat and many of them suffer due to high exposure to sun. Though the evenings were cooler, we used fan in the boathouse so that we can have proper sleep. Kashmir still has the charm of miraculously changing weather which changes from a warm bright sunny day to a wet cold rainy time with very little warning. It almost comes without a warning. But for the paradise itself, it is waning. (In picture, a woman rows a boat in Dal lake to reach her son and sister to school)

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