Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Bed, not so Good

It was 7 June. I was traveling to Aminpur, a little known tribal village in the outskirts of Bolpur to meet the children and their families, because along with some friends I help for some of their education. It was a real hot day, and I was traveling on a motorcycle. Suddenly, the motorcycle began to give trouble. Soon I had to push it around until a mechanic came and got it repaired. By then I had sweat profusely, and was coughing with the sweat settling in my body. By evening I had a fever, and on 8 June it was 103 F, and I was flat in bed. A visit to the doctor revealed that I had some severe viral infection, and was put on antibiotics. The first round of antibiotics brought the fever down in 3 days, but the cough and cold continued to persist, with severe pain in back of the head. Finally, I had to start another course of antibiotics. Finally, now the fever is gone, and my plans of going to Tamilnadu for a holidays shattered, I am planning for the next round of Polio Immunization scheduled for 26 June. Hope every child gets immunized this time!

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