Friday, August 13, 2010

Why we don't need a house

It is nearly three months since I left inter-agency group and started working directly for the people. In the three months I have hardly required a home, in strict sense of the term. I have been on the move, sleeping in buses, trains, families, institutions, hotels and occasionally in friends' homes. I have also begun to realize that actually you don't need a house! It only captures you and binds you to a geographic location. We are born free. I am able to freely move, wash my clothes, eat my food....and importantly I am able to be with the people and for the people. Yes, that is what that actually gives me the energy to live like this. Once you begin to think all the time about people and their needs, all your needs disappear. It is just a world, that can offer you everything, and you choose to have only what you need. You begin to understand the difference between want and need, greed and giving!

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