Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breaking Free

I was walking through the Convent Lane. It was already 8.00 p.m. I was returning after a meeting at the Disaster Management Department of the government. As I was nearing suddenly an event brought me to a halt. I saw a man in his late thirties sitting on a stopped motorcycle, with another man of his age, standing and talking to a woman, and then hugging her. In normal circumstances I would have just passed by. But, this time I had to stop. Because, the man on motorcycle was well dressed, clean, and looked as if he was from a moderately affluent family, and the woman was dark, dirty, almost in rags, with a bunch of clothes and few other things, and is certainly a street dweller. And they both spoke to each other briefly. And then the man drove away.

There could only be three reasons why this man should have hugged that lady. 1) Probably, this man regularly meets the lady, helps her in whatever way he can, and gives her a hug as a sign of love, respect and attention, which she truly misses. 2) May be that, this woman is doing some favor for him, like carrying drugs, or doing some work that people normally would not do, often illegal. So, he hugs her, as a sign of ensuring that the woman does not spill the beans. 3) May be that this woman is his own mother! Or a close relative!

Alas! When will the world wake up? When will all humans be set free? Join this battle. Join me.


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