Friday, December 25, 2009

First Cave-Man of the Written History

From the Christmas reflections...given by Puthumai A. Nazarene, on 24 Dec 2009, midnight.

"Look at the Child. Look at his fragility. The One, who is born without a mother in heaven, is born without a father on earth. The one who will walk on the seas, and has the power to cross the oceans in seven steps, as Job describes, is now powerless even to stand up! The one whose breath can bring life, the one who speaks, and things come into being, is now lying, not able to speak a word! The one in whose hands are the entire human destiny, the moon and the stars, the one when he touches the dead rise to life, and the dumb begin to speak, now can not lift his fingers! It is in weakness divinity is!

Look at the symbolism of his birth. He is born in Bethlehem. Beth means “house”, and lehem means “bread”. It is “House of Bread”. The one who will be saying, “I am the living Bread. The one who eats of me shall never die”, is born in the house of Bread. Come all of you. And Eat of Him! He is born to be eaten. He is born to be shared. He is born to be broken. He would say, “I am the bread that has come down from heaven.” Yes, the bread from heaven is born in the house of bread, in a manger—a place for animals to eat! The symbolism of bread and eating cannot be left out. He will take a bread and tell his disciples, “Take this bread and eat, because this is my body…broken for you”. That is it. He is born to be eaten!

He is born in the manger, in a cave. Caves have small openings as doors. You need to bend yourself to enter in there. The one who does not want to bend oneself, stands outside! In humility we must bend ourselves before him. If you want to meet him, see him, you need to humble yourself and enter in. The one who did not find a place to be born is now born under the earth in a cave! Jesus becomes the first cave-man of the written history…to begin a new history. And from under the earth he will shake the pillars of history. Here on, the human history itself will get divided. Before Christ and After Christ!

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