Friday, April 24, 2009

Meetings in Kolkata

The week after Easter ended with lots of accomplishments. On Easter Monday was the discussion in ABCD office on preparing a project to be sent to European Union specially for Skill Development for economic improvement. Tuesday, was not very bad, as I spent time in working on understanding further the EU application procedures, and even managed to get ABCD registered. That is a lot for the day, as EU requires quite a lot of details. In the evening traveled to meet an old friend who used to work in Raiganj and now works for the Government of India in a nearby town. I stayed with him the next day, and traveled back to Kolkata on Thursday, 16 April.  The next two days (Thursday and Friday) were extremely busy days with training and discussions with the District Coordinators and Block Supervisors of Disaster Preparedness program supported by Caritas India and CRS in West Bengal.  On 17 night, I traveled to Chennai by flight, thanks to ABCD, and was received by cousin Arul Anban. The whole night we discussed the software project which we plan to build for MIS of the Disaster Preparedness project. And the next day, we worked on preliminaries, prepared some Masters, and then I traveled by bus to Madurai, the temple town, about which I shall speak in the next post.

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