Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busting the Kidney Racket

Kidneys lost for better job - Impact of Social Welfare Institute's Activities in Raiganj on Anti Human Trafficking

Statesman News Service
RAIGANJ, Sept. 23: Chhatu Murmu (35) and Abdul Mannan (40) of Baliadangi in Bindol in North Dinajpur district had lost their kidneys to private nursing home in Kolkata about one and half years ago. They had lodged a complaint against Abdul Rejjak of Bindol whom police have recently arrested from Bindol Village against the charge of immoral trafficking.
The complainants told police that in 2007, Abdul Rejjak, with a promise to provide them better jobs, brought them to Kolkata. In Kolkata, Rejjak gave them some food eat
ing which they fell sick. Later, they were admitted to a private nursing home in Kolkata where their kidneys were stolen in the pretext of treatment, the complainants said.
They added that Rejjak gave them some money after they were released from the nursing home and told them to go back home. “He also threatened us and said not to disclose the matter. We underwent ultra sonography after returning home and discovered to our horror that the kidneys were gone,” they said.
When news of the incident spread, SUCI activists turned up a
t the Raiganj police station to demonstrate demanding severe punishment against Abdul Rejjak. They also demanded the arrest of other associates of Abdul Rejjak who were actively involved in North Dinajpur district.
A social worker from Bindol, Miss Susmita Sarkar, (of Social Welfare Institute- photo below) said: “Apart from Chhatu Murmu and Abdul Mannan, about 40 others
from different villages like Bindol, Baliadangi, Bajebindol, Jalipara have lost their kidneys while working in other states. As far as we know, both Bangru Jali (45) and Jatin Jali (44) lost their kidney during their stay in Delhi and are now suffering from several diseases.”
Chhatu Murmu said: “My kidney was stolen one-and-a-half years ago. I had not informed the police earlier as Rejjak had threatened me with dire consequences if I did.” The police superintendant of North Dinajpur, Mr Shankar Singha, said: “Investigation has begun against the Kolkata nursing home. Abdul Rejjak, the kingpin would be in custody till 29 September. We would pray to court to send him police remand for a few days.”

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