Monday, April 7, 2008

Minister Inaugurates Disaster Preparedness Project

The Hon'ble Minister In-Charge of Civil Defense, Dr. Sreekumar Mukherjee, inaugurated two Community Based Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) Projects of Social Welfare Institute, Raiganj. At a inaugural function held at the training center of the organization, D.D.C. at Chotparua, the Minister viewed some mock-drills of the Staff before he addressed the gathering of SWI Staff and people gathered for the occasion. He was welcomed by the CBDP Staff and the Sisters at D.D.C, and was led to the dais by dancing tribal girls. Addressing the gathering in the background of a bus tragedy that killed 20 persons just two days ago in Kolkata, the Minister said, "Most deaths at such times take place in the first five minutes itself. That's why every person must be trained to respond to natural calamities and tragic accidents. CBDP programs are meant to build resilience in the communities in order to help them cope with disasters and respond to them correctly when such occur." He was officially welcomed by the Director Puthumai A. Nazarene. Ms. Rekha Soren and Ms. Bimala Baru, the two Coordinators of the CBDP Projects organized the program splendidly. (in the picture : the Hon'ble Minister and Director, SWI, surrounded by the Staff)

The two Community Based Disaster Preparedness projects are being supported by Caritas India, Catholic Relief Services, UNICEF and the Ministry of Civil Defense, Government of West Bengal.

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